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The OffPage optimization or also called Content Marketing often turns out to be difficult, time intensive or expensive. First you have to find the right websites where you can place a suitable text.

Then the text must be well written and worth reading. Finding the right copywriter for the right topic is also not always easy. Therefore, to set a good backlink it takes some work.

So that this work you put into the content was not in vain, we developed Brantrix. With Brantrix you can manage and monitor your entire backlink portfolio. What information Brantrix has in store for you can be found in the following points.

  • How many backlinks do you have in total
  • How many links on the homepage and how many links go to subpages
  • How many backlinks and many text links do you have
  • How many links are Dofollow and how many links are Nofollow
  • From which sources do the backlinks come
  • See if the backlink page is no longer available
  • See if backlink has been removed from one of the pages
  • See if your own page to which the backlink refers is no longer available

All in the points mentioned above you can learn with Brantrix about your backlinks. You can see everything at a glance. Brantrix makes your job easier and saves you precious time managing your backlinks.

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