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As an entrepreneur it's not always easy to keep track of everything. But for a company that uses SEO as a traffic source and has commissioned an agency or freelancer to optimize Google rankings.

Often the performance is intransparent and without any guarantee. Brantrix helps you keep track of your keywords and rankings. Every month, with our great Brantrix Online Marketing Reporting Tool, you can see how their rankings are evolving on Google.

Should the trend have a negative trend for several months, which they can accurately track through Brantrix.

Based on the values, you can then make further decisions. Because today everyone is an online marketing expert, Brantrix lets you spot the black sheep at an early stage, saving you unnecessary costs on the wrong experts.

Even if you have no expert knowledge in search engine optimization, you always have everything in view. Because the positions in the ranking at Google decide on the success of their website.

  • Rank distribution on the search results pages
  • Rankings in the chart history
  • Top ranking keywords
  • All rankings in detail

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