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Website Traffic

The amount of website traffic is a key success factor. The higher the traffic, the higher the percentage of visitors interested in your product or service.

That´s why we´ve placed the traffic at the top of BRANTRIX Dashboard. In addition you get information about how many visitors came through SEO, how many through Ads and how many percent have left the page directly after visiting.

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Google Rankings

The secret to the success of your website is the organic search results. Good Visibility Your website on Google is the best and most sustainable way to gain new customers on the Internet.

That´s why every month we show you the results with how many and which keywords you rank. Also, the distribution of your rankings on the first 10 pages on Google.

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SEO OffPage

Backlinks are still one of the strongest weighting ranking factors and therefore meaningful for a good ranking within the organic search.

Link building should be managed and monitored. Sometimes web pages go offline, delete pages or delete only the linking. Here you can find all information about it.

In addition to that, you can see if a link goes to the homepage or to another page. Whether the link is DoFollow or NoFollow and some other backlink details.

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SEO OnPage

The goal of OnPage optimization is to improve the search engine results in the long term by improving the programming code, the content and the structure of the website.

OnPage optimization is also called OnSite Optimization and is the counterpart of OffPage optimization.

BRANTRIX shows you how your website is growing. Suggestions for improvement are given to the page title and the meta-description. Whether you have too long titles or missing meta descriptions, you will see exactly what happens to your website.

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Page Speed

The loading speed of your website has been known since 2010 as a ranking factor. But in times of more and more mobile traffic and Google Mobile index first update, the loading speed is becoming more important.

Long load times can also increase the bounce rate of your page, which in turn can negatively impact your ranking.

Once a month, BRANTRIX determines the loading speed of your website and shows you whether your page has slowed or speeded up. So you always have the loading speed in view.

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Social Media

Most people spend most of their online time on social networks. Like Facebook, Twitter, and Co. They bundle a large part of the total worldwide traffic and therefore have huge marketing potential.

That´s why you should have a clear overview of the growth of your profiles/accounts when you run social media marketing.

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The Traffic Detail Page gives you an overview of how you traffic is going. See Visits, Organic search, and your bounce rate...



All your Google rankings in one place. See on which search result page your pages are ranking and all this in the history of it...


SEO OffPage

When you make content marketing? Then you can manage your backlinks with BRANTRIX OffPage module...


SEO OnPage

With our SEO OnPage module, you can see that your site is good optimized or not. See in detail what´s missing on all your pages...