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Traffic drives your business

Traffic is all your visitors on your website.

The traffic of a website is the key value of how often your website is visited.

It is important to get a lot of traffic (visitors) on your website, it also has a positive effect on your Google rankings and increases your placement on Google.

"If others love you, Google will love them too."

So it's important to get web traffic from other sources as well. Such as social media or other websites that link to yours. High traffic also increases the sales of your products or services on your website.

That's why we've developed Brantrix to keep an eye on such important corporate assets as the traffic on their website.

You can see directly when traffic is increasing or decreasing. Based on the traffic values, you can then see if your marketing expenses have paid off.

With Brantrix you always have an overview of the following points.

  • All visitors from all sources
  • Visitors from organic searches
  • Visitors via Google Ads
  • Bounce rate the quality rate for your traffic
  • How many visits get your pages

Brantrix shows you all this data in the chart. That you can use this data to make further business decisions. Of course, the data will also be sent to your Email each month in the Brantrix PDF-Report.

Traffic reporting tool brantrix

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