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Why I need to control the PageSpeed of my website?

Since April 2010, the loading speed of a Google website officially rated as a ranking factor. Due to the great influence on the user experience, it has already indirectly contributed to the rankings.

Especially metrics such as the bounce rate or duration of the user on a page are affected. Read more about Google ranking factor.

You can view information about their site’s load time on Google Search Console or direct on our Brantrix blog. Various tools, such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights, also provide useful pointers to possible optimization points.

The loading speed is generally the duration until all contents of a website are loaded and available. However, the felt loading time can be correspondingly shorter, since it focuses only on the user-relevant and immediately visible content.

Especially this plays an important role in the user experience.

For seeing changes in your Page Speed history, we developed Brantrix.
With Brantrix you have your Page Speed all the time under control and you see easily when something changed.

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